Perception Enrichment of Green Open Space Visitor on Arthropods Diversity in Sawojajar Green Open Space

  • Nurul Dluha
  • Yustika Aulia Rahma
  • Bagyo Yanuwiadi


Arthropods have a lot of roles, they have positive and negative role. Arthropods role in the ecosystem are as pollinators, decomposers, predators and others. One of their habitat is green open space. In Malang there are nine green open space, one of them is the Sawojajar green open space. Sawojajar green open space has 2083 vegetation with an area of ​​12,500 m2, it shows that the existing vegetation in the Sawojajar green open space is very high. It can be assumed that there are a lot of Anthropods there. The purpose of this study were to determine the diversity of Arthropods in Sawojajar green open space, and to determine the public perception of the Arthropods diversity in Sawojajar green open space, Malabar green open space and Kunang-kunang green open space, while providing enrichment of knowledge related to the function of Arthropods on the third of green open space. Based on the data and discussion, it can be concluded there are  33 individuals of Arthropods found in Sawojajar green open space, they are included into the eight families Formicidae, Hesperioide, Caliphoridae, Chrysomelidae, Lymantriidae, Cicadidae, Culicidae and Eulophidae. Formicidae and Cullicidae are the highest number of individuals based on important index values, while based on Shannon Wienner diversity index,the diversity of Arthropods in sawojajar green open space include medium category. Public perception of the diversity of Arthropods included into the quite well category.

Keywords: Arthropod Diversity, Open Space Green, Perception

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Dluha, N., Rahma, Y. A. and Yanuwiadi, B. (2018) “Perception Enrichment of Green Open Space Visitor on Arthropods Diversity in Sawojajar Green Open Space”, Plant and Animal Research Journal, 1(1), pp. 24-30. Available at: (Accessed: 21February2019).